Fortunately, in our country, i.e. in southern Sardinia, isolation
and remoteness from the sea and from cities
have protected and enriched a truly unique product.
Sardinian cheese.

Sardinia, a Mediterranean island, rich in traditions, ancient history, nature and heart.
Sardinia is famous worldwide for its emerald sea and beaches, as well as for the Nuragic Civilization (find out)

Come and visit it in autumn, when the small inland villages offer plenty of festivals and celebrations (find out).
Come in winter to smell, through the narrow streets, the scent of the lit fireplaces,
when the fields are tinged with green, and where the old carnival rituals,
bring to life the famous masks of central Sardinia.(mammuthones, soccadores etc.) (find out)

The island is full of countless traditional festivals, such as the famous Sartiglia of Oristano (find out), with the head of its knights (“su componidori”), neither a man nor a woman;
the feast of the patron saint of Sardinia, Sant’Efisio (find out) in Cagliari, the Ardia of Sedilo (find out), where faith meets equestrian skills.
From the Spanish city of Alghero (find out) to the island’s capital, Cagliari, with its history,
ancient neighbourhoods and Castle. Finally, visit the wildest, most unspoiled area on the whole island, the Ogliastra province (find out).

During this dream, you will be accompanied by the cool Mistral wind, a special welcome that characterizes every Sardinian,
and a cuisine well-known and greatly appreciated all over the world, which ranks at the top of Italian culinary tradition (find out).

[…] listen to the silent,
because you, in the midst of this noise,
of this Sardinia,
are nothing
Giuseppe Dessì, Sardinian Poet